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With Jesse and Vince in St. Paul

With Jesse Ventura and Vincent Bugliosi in St. Paul, MN

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Welcome to The Conspiracy Guy

As of 2 July 2020, this will be home of “The Fetz Presents”, T/Th 8-10 PM/CT (6-8 PM/PT; 9-11 PM/ET), featuring interviews on current events and classic issues. Jim’s research has continued on 9/11 and expanded to Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, Orlando, Dallas and beyond so watch his shows T/Th/Sun at the same times.

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#1 (24 May 2020): Coronavirus Phenomenon:
Medical Emergency or Political Pandemic?
#2 (31 May 2020): The Moon Landing Hoax:
How We Know We Didn’t Go
#3 (7 June 2020): The New Zealand Shootings:
Were they real or a political stunt?
#4 (14 June 2020): The Second Amendment and the Politics of Gun Control
#5 (21 June 2020): How to spot a False Flag:
A Sampler of Orchestrated Events

#6 (28 June 2020) How to Spot a False Flag:
A Sampler of Orchestrated Events (Part 2)
#7 (2 July 2020) Scott Bennett: Former Army Intel and Psyops Officer
#8 (5 July 2020) Pizzagate: Real or Fiction? The American Franchise of Pedogate
#9 (7 July 2020) Carl Herman Nationally Recognized History Teacher
#10 (9 July 2020) Dr. Katherine Horton, Ph.D. : International Expert on Targeted Individuals and Efforts to End it.
#11 (12 July 2020) The DNC/CV Conspiracy: How the BLM, Anitifa, and the Democratic Agenda Fit Together
#12 (14 July 2020) Jack Mullen: The Threat Posed By Antifa, BLM and Progressive Left.
#13 (16 July 2020) Alex Scott: A Law Enforcement Expert Reveals Recent Hate Crimes
#14 (19 July 2020) Kevin Barrett Ph.D. : How does Religion –Judaism, Christianity, Islam — Affect Politics
#15 (21 July 2020) Sophia Smallstorm: The Nature of Viruses: What Are They?
#16 (23 July 2020) Deana Pollard-Sacks: The Godfather of Sexual Abuse: Cosby, Weinstein, Epstein
#17 (26 July 2020): The DNC/CV Conspiracy: How BLM, Antifa, and the Democratic Party Agenda fit together
#18 (28 July 2020) Rebecca Carnes: Newtown Mom Speaks Out about Sandy Hook
#19 (30 July 2020) Alexander Petale, Esq., On Appealing the Sandy Hook Lawsuit
#20 (2 August 2020) Fake News: Issues of Identity
#21 (4 August 2020) Patrick J. McShay: Anarchists, Terrorists and Traitors
#22 (6 August 2020) Art Olivier: 9/11 and the Pandemic:21st Century’s Biggest Rituals
#23 (9 August 2020) The Official WWII Narrative:Historical Fact or Mass Illusion?
#24 (11 August 2020) Ron Avery:Sandy Hook: Abuse of Process Technical Problems (Not Broadcast)
#25 (13 August 2020) Patty Saffran:
A World Gone Stark, Raving Mad
#26 (16 August 2020)SHADOWGATE: The Real Shadow Government with Danny Cirrus
#26 (18 August 2020) Jack Mullen: CV Terrorism and Police State Lockdown
#27 (20 August 2020)
Dave Gahary: What Happened to the USS Liberty?

#28 (23 August 2020) SHADOWGATE II:
Following the Broadcast with Danny Cirrus

#29 (25 August 2020) Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D.:The Poltics of a Pandemic: Planned in the US/Triggered in the UK
#30 (27 August 2020) Sarah Westall: Virtual Conventions in a Fantasy World: How the Media has Betrayed the American People
#31 (30 August 2020)
Loose Ends and Oddities with Dany Cirrus
#32: (1 September 2020)
Cyberclops (Anon): Reflections on the State of the Union
#33 (3 September 2020) Lorraine Day, M.D.:
The Boston Bombing Hoax and Beyond
#34 (6 September 2020) 9/11: What happened?Who was responsible? How do we know?
#35 (8 September 2020):Jeff Prager: On the use of nuclear devices to destroy the WTC on 9/11
#36 (10 September 2020): Art Olivier, On Azimuths: What they May or May Not Mean
#37 (13 September 2020): Gary Null tosses’s “Conspiracy Guy” under the bus
#38 (15 September 2020): Chris Weinart: Everything Under the Sun and History
#39 (17 September 2020) Dr. Katherine Horton:>What Everyone Needs to Know
#40 (20 September 2020) The Conspiracy Guy:>Censoring “The Conspiracy Guy” 2
#41 (22 September 2020) Mark Anderson, The Last of the (real, bona fied) investigative journalists
#42 (27 September 2000) The Conspiracy Guywith Danny Cirrus: Kenosha and Louisville

More Episodes Coming Soon!